Financial and Insurance

Protect and Deliver

Connex leverages next-gen technologies like AI, Data Analytics, Cloud, and more to provide you with integrated solutions and services that help your business grow, while offering an exceptional customer experience.

Customer Experience

Connex offers a wide range of innovative solutions powered by next-gen digital solutions. We design, develop, and deliver these solutions, focusing on delivering the best CX. From optimizing your contact center to strengthening your brand, we help grow your business and stand out from the crowd.

Digital Transformation

Modern consumers are inundated with options when it comes to banking. However, many established financial institutions still operate with a legacy-era mindset, which requires DX to stay ahead. Consumers want the ability to contact your institution through any channel such as email, chat, phone, social media, and mobile app. It is time to look at omnichannel solutions and evaluate the use of bots to provide a seamless customer experience.

Risk & Compliance

Security and fraud continue to dominate as key priorities in the financial industry. Manage the fraud process with better and faster authentication with solutions such as call recording, behavioral analytics, and voice biometrics. To stay compliant with evolving regulations and to protect critical client information, Connex provides several solutions that will help you identify and manage all the threats in the digital space.

Agent Engagement

Provide the right tools for your employees to succeed. Gain visibility into their desktop activities to increase your contact center productivity in your financial institution. Whether your client is contacting you with an inquiry on account balance, credit card, or mortgage application, your employees will have the same visibility to the same information shared across the organization, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Back Office

We take care of all end-to-end branch needs including business telephony, network and infrastructure solutions, connectivity solutions, AV, and smart hands and feet. We also offer Branch Assistant, an AI solution that allows end-to-end conversational service with near-human accuracy.

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