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Google CCAI


Capture the benefits of Google CCAI

Reduce operating costs while improving your customer experience (CX) operations with expertly programmed and deployed intelligent Virtual Agents for chat and voice, backed by Google's ground-breaking AI technology. Provide streamlined, conversational interactions to your customers, simplifying and personalizing their experience with multi- and omni-channel deployments, though CCAI's integration with a range of CCaaS technologies including: Genesys, Avaya, and Verint.

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Our in-house team of experts will help you analyze your current operations and interaction data to determine the best deployment for your customers at the scale you need for your business, and expertly program and integrate the right solution into your existing technology, or technology of choice.

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Enable rich conversational experiences with Google's AI-powered capabilities


Increase containment and boost your customer's self-service experience with human-like artificial intelligence programming for both voice and chat deployments. Designed for scalability, ease of management, and deployability, Dialogflow allows you to deliver natural interactions to your customers.

Create Agents That Are Superheroes

Free your human agents to focus on more difficult and specialized calls, providing real-time information, workflows, and turn-by-turn guidance.

Create Natural Interactions with Virtual Agents

Deliver lifelike customer experiences that support accurate multi-turn conversations, built with deep learning technologies, powered by Google Assistant.

Empower Your Teams With Actionable Insights

Turn your conversations into insights through analytics and reporting that uncovers key call drivers, customer sentiment, and more.

Case Studies

Google Cloud for Pneumatics & Hydraulics Company

The Challenge

A North-American-wide distributor of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment needed a capture service for sales enquiries. The supply chain has provided challenges for business looking to buy this equipment. They realized that they could benefit from a lead capture bot and form submit that was more intelligent and easier then the traditional methods offered by web forms.  

The Solution

Connex was engaged to provide a natural language chatbot to help visitors navigate services, and ultimately to capture their information for outbound sales agents.

Connex leveraged Google Dialogflow to provide a natural language chatbot. With this technology, Connex developed an automated experience for website visitors to engage with the Chatbot to ask questions and be re-directed with a form handler script and have live representatives call back for real-time stock enquiries. This provided the client with a differentiator from their competition and provided the roadmap for automated product supply information for the future.

Technologies: Google CCAI (Dialogflow)  Leveraged to build an intelligent Virtual Assistant for the site that utilizes Google Machine Learning to implement Natural Language Understanding to recognize user intent and match with prebuilt intents.

The Results

The client has delivered on offering their website visitors a differentiated experience, proactive customer/prospect engagement and a roadmap for the future of the bot. In a challenging business environment, they found a way to stand out from their competition and deliver an excellent automated experience.

Google Dialogflow for BPO Company

The challenge

A Canadian outsourcing company wanted to highlight their two lines of business (BPO Services and End User Support), and this was the tool to guide the customers that visited the website. Connex was brought in to develop a 24/7 Automated Chatbot for their web property. This was to create engagement with visitors and introduce both new and existing lines of business, with a proactive approach.

The solution

Connex leveraged Google Dialogflow to provide a natural language chatbot. With this technology, Connex was able to develop an automated experience for web site visitors to engage with the Chatbot to ask both common and services related questions and get answers in real time.

The results

The client was able to provide proactive sales and support to website visitors without the need for alive agent. This raised the profile of the products and services that they wanted to offer and provided a convenient way for their customers and prospects to engage with them.

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