Contact Center Outsourcing

Overcome your
contact center challenges

Contact Center Outsourcing


Avoid the struggle of hiring the right number of agents to match seasonal fluctuations.

57% of businesses outsource because it helps them focus on fundamental processes.

- Customer Think, 2020

Higher than usual call volumes or increases in sick employees can seriously affect your services, and recruiting and training new agents is time consuming and costly. Connex, together with sister company DependableIT, are here to act as part of your team and help you overcome all your contact center challenges and streamline your customer service by augmenting your existing contact center.


Leverage your existing contact center technology, including Genesys, Cisco, Avaya, Salesforce, and more with our various skills and channels, plus our unique overflow remote agents solution.

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Access to 300+ Contact Center Agents

Our DependableIT agents are fully trained across multiple industries, making them a great fit for any company.

Access to Latest Technology

Gain access to leading and emerging technologies.

Flexibility & Scalability

Allow your organization to grow as you grow, with ultimate flexibility and scalability.

Specialized Industry Knowledge

Gain access to agents with specialized industry knowledge, ensuring seamless integration into your contact center.

General Inquiries

Our experienced agents provide support to address any frequently asked questions such as change in business processes, new product offerings and new events (e.g. COVID-19 impacts).

Tech Support & Helpdesk

24x7 support with leading solutions for level 1 and 2 support including basic troubleshooting, password resets, basic maintenance, and reporting. All agents are pre-trained in multiple ticketing technologies.


All our representatives are trained in upselling and cross-selling, allowing the ability to handle each call as a valuable sales opportunity and increase average sales per order.

Order Taking

We can manage 100% of your order taking service needs or act as an extension of your company. Our agents undergo your brand and product specific training, customized by you or our dedicated training managers.