Bridging the Gap Between Patient and Provider

The digital transformation of the healthcare industry has arrived and much like your average customer, modern patients expect secure and seamless interactions. Meanwhile, healthcare practitioners expect easy to navigate and timely access to patient data and diagnostic tools.

Patient Experience

Healthcare providers need to interact with their patients across all touchpoints. Patients seek quick answers to questions; hence experience is a critical differentiator in the healthcare industry. Omnichannel solutions allow your organization to create a truly personalized experience. The use of AI, bots, and omnichannel solutions can be a game-changer in transforming your patient services.


Leverage AI to integrate digital and human employees to work together to optimize operations and seek new solutions to old problems. Connex provides AI solutions that will secure sensitive data with cognitive endpoint protection and organized document hierarchies with Natural Language Processing. We have partnered with Amelia AI to integrate your backend enterprise systems into one single intelligent platform to automate all your IT and administrative tasks with a single command.

Risk & Compliance

Manage the fraud process with better and faster authentication with solutions such as multi-factor authentication, Behavioral Analytics, and Voice Biometrics. With the evolving technological environment, healthcare providers and patients are facing an ongoing risk with security issues such as data breaches and hackers. To stay compliant with evolving regulations and protect critical client information, Cryptographic Lifecycle Management will help you identify and manage all threats.

Agent Engagement

Provide the right tools for your employees and gain visibility into their desktop activities to increase productivity. Whether your patient is contacting you with an inquiry on insurance or healthcare services, your employees will have the same visibility to the same information shared across the organization, ensuring a seamless patient experience.

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