Cyber Security

Protect your important
data, users, and assets.

Cyber Security

Effortlessly prevent and defend against cyber attacks across your enterprise

Safeguard sustained growth by prioritizing cyber security

Secure digital peace of mind for your staff, users, customers, citizens or students, with specialized industry-specific protection across the OSI stack, from physical to application layers, throughout your organization and infrastructure.

Whether it’s self-service user account management, customer experience applications, firewall implementation or data protection, we’ll work with you to design, build, and implement the right security strategy to meet your unique business needs.



Self-Service User Access

Provide a more user-friendly customer experience through secure account access and user verification, enabling customers to authenticate and administer their accounts easily and safely.

IoT Security

Protect all internet-enabled devices (Internet of Things) connected to your network for maximum protection against cyber threats.

Unified Security Solution Management

Gain complete peace of mind by letting us take care of all aspects of your cyber security needs, leaving more time for you to focus on important business activities.

Cloud Security

Enable secure end-to-end public and private cloud connections, interactions and data management and applications protection.

Network Protection

Scalable protection for both local and wide area networks (LAN and WAN), including on-premise, cloud, data centre, plus complete coverage for remote access users.

DDoS Protection

Prevent and reduce physical and virtual network and application downtime caused by distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in real time with agile, state-of-the-art security technology, plus a dedicated emergency response team for managed accounts.

Application Protection

Ensure protection for all users and data across all applications and API integrations, including cloud and premise-based programs, productivity software and e-commerce platforms.

Premise Security

Protect your physical business properties and spaces through comprehensive solutions including CCTV, access control, premise monitoring and mass notifications.

Cryptographic Agility

Detect, monitor, prevent, and remediate cyber vulnerabilities in your digital systems with the best in cryptographic management platforms.

Prepare for the unexpected with a future-proof security strategy suited for your specific business, data, and user requirements.

Whether it's a self-service package or an expertly managed solution, your organization can rest assured they are in the expert hands of Connex and its experienced technology partners.

Reach out to chat with us about your Security needs.