Managed Migration Services

Managed Migration Services

Secure the benefits of new and emerging cloud capabilities

Our Managed Migration Services help enterprises of all sizes leverage new and emerging cloud capabilities to accelerate efforts to future-proof their business. Our range of full, hybrid, and hosted managed migrations offers freedom of choice for our customers, and flexibility for our engineers to easily scale our services. We provide 24x7x365 Implementation & Support on all Managed Migration Services which extend to post-deployment monitoring so that you are assured to get the most out of your managed service. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, popular platforms such as AWS and Google Cloud and extends to traditional on-prem technology/applications.


Cloud platforms drive and support most organizations in 2022, with 94% currently using cloud services. The agility and flexibility that a full cloud migration offers in the modern era makes it a top pick for enterprises looking to continuously innovate. Moving to the cloud is not just about migrating files and for optimal cloud experience it is best practice to modernize systems in tandem. Modernizing applications and making the most of cloud currency like storage, API calls, and computing allow your business to cut costs and improve experiences for your customers and employees alike. Our Implementation & Support Services work with you directly to ensure that your full cloud migration delivers immediate organizational benefits.


Hybrid migration is best suited for companies looking to assure business continuity while protecting valued data from unpredictable external forces. A hybrid cloud strategy allows you to gain a combination of both public and private cloud models, with 74% of enterprises believing that they benefit from the best of both worlds. With an experienced migration partner like Connex, your organization can migrate effectively while minimizing both downtime and costs. We understand that there is no cookie-cutter method to migration, so we work to define a hybrid cloud migration strategy that is based on your business needs and desired outcomes. Our Managed Migration Services team undertakes an extensive risk reduction analysis that focuses on compliance, security, and performance issues. Our team will assess which aspects of your business processes will benefit most from migration, while determining whether your chosen application is ready for a hybrid cloud model.


Migrate applications from on-premise to the data center without hassle. Whether you need to move from a public to a private cloud, or from a traditional on-prem server to a cloud environment, we can successfully execute your migration. When done right, a hosted app migration can help you optimize spending while affording the flexibility to adapt and evolve with changing business demands. Our Managed Migration Services team has extensive experience in migrating applications, associated data, and host servers to the cloud. Hosted App Migration is ideal for organizations that want to offload their on-prem workloads to the cloud with a managed service to support them.

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The Problem

Cascades Inc. is a Quebec-based Paper Mill company with 85+ units across North America that was looking for ways to expand in growth areas like hygiene and recycling while maintaining growth in traditional revenue. These plans were affected by COVID-19 and forced the company to be nimble with the tools and processes it used to ensure engagement and productivity throughout its sudden 12,000 employee remote workforce.

The Solution

To continue its journey as a digital-first company, Cascades Inc. understood the need to move critical infrastructure from a premise-based to a centralized cloud model. It was critically important for them to keep optimal control of their technological assets and ensure timely and cost-sensitive IT operations. A private cloud solution was selected by our Migration Specialists due to its ability to ensure security and proactive management, while wrapping IT assets in a managed blanket. Centralized communications assets in a hardened data center were ultimately delivered by our Managed Migration Services as a part of an IT strategy that supported the Company's goals for growth.

The Result

The private cloud solution allowed Cascades Inc. to have control over license usage, consider upgrades as required, and increased cost control. They could now provide a communications platform for employees across Canada, wherever and whenever they worked. The result was a fully-distributed, agile, and versatile business model which future-proofed their operations.

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