Office Monitoring & Automation

Safety and Security
for your staff and visitors

Office Monitoring & Automation


Unified premise security, access, air quality, and monitoring systems.

Providing a safe and secure space for employees while efficiently managing access for both guests and authorized individuals is key for any business, from small offices to enterprise-level organizations with multiple locations. The evolution in IoT (Internet of Things) devices and cloud-enabled applications has made it even easier to not only outfit your space to create smart spaces, but also securely monitor, automate, and control them from anywhere.

Connex can help make your business office location or building smarter with the latest advancements in video security, access control, alarms, intercoms, and environmental monitoring. All can be connected through a feature-rich, scalable control system that even integrates with existing devices and enterprise applications.

Intelligent cloud-based management tools anywhere, anytime

Capture a complete picture of your location(s), control access points, automate systems or gather important data while fully integrating with existing communications and alert applications. Safely view, monitor and control your cameras, air quality, access, intercom and alarms with secure end-to-end encryption.

Ensure peace of mind for your systems with a user-friendly mobile application that allows you to view, monitor and control your systems fully remotely in the event of after-hours events that require immediate attention.


Choose from seven advanced product lines to optimize and protect your business environment

Video Security

Smart video cameras and accessories with built-in storage, automatic updates, automation capabilities, facial recognition and RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol) capabilities for live monitoring.

Access Control

Secure your premises with the latest door readers, wireless (Bluetooth-enabled ) locks, and access control allowing you to easily manage credentials and profiles. Assign and manage access permissions based on groups or specific users using the fully-cloud enabled control interface, no matter the scale of your business.


Take calls, secure entryways, and grant access from anywhere with an advanced intercom system that fits perfectly within your infrastructure, providing added flexibility, while bolstering security.

Air Quality

Provide healthy office and workspaces with all-in-one monitoring and sensing devices. Intuitive sensors and interfaces along with camera system integration, ensure maximum control and protection against poor ventilation, toxic mold, allergens, noise levels, plus smoke and vape detection.


Protect your business property with 24/7 monitoring, integrated cameras, intrusion sensors, access control, and automated detection. Maximize employee safety with wireless panic buttons, which also connect with your cameras and access control so events can be captured automatically, and response times can be minimized.


Make guest management and mailroom delivery a part of your security plan. Provide visitor sign-ins with email invites, QR codes or iPad kiosk—guests only need to follow simple instructions, and hosts are notified automatically. Remove manual mailroom processes with scanner capabilities that allow you to automatically track deliveries and pickups while also working in tandem with your security camera systems.


A unified, cloud-based application that allows you to monitor your systems to quickly detect and resolve threats and monitor air quality across your entire enterprise or office location. Communicate easily with visitors and grant or deny access as needed, all from a single interface.

Smart solutions for even smarter offices

Connex will work with you to review your existing systems as they exist and determine the best components and coverage based on your needs. We offer full design, implementation, and support services on all our security solutions, guaranteeing seamless integration with your existing systems, and ensuring you capture the best benefits from your Solution.

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