Google Cloud Partner

Nimble cloud platform with a certified partner experience

Google Cloud Partner


Connex is a Google Cloud Platform partner and can provide products and services for Google Cloud Products.

Connex can provide single-source billing for all of your Google apps while delivering professional services that augment and enhance the skills of your in-house teams. Capture the incredible operational benefits of Google.

Nimble Cloud Platform

Move, start, stop and be nimble with pre-built pay-as-you-go Cloud infrastructure.

Grow as You Grow

Connex Professional Services are available for your development services. Do it yourself, or get help along the way.

Expand Globally

GCP resources are available around the world. Focus on a specific region or go global with ease.

Certified Partner Experience

Connex as your GCP partner can help you get to the cloud faster, and do more with less upfront cost and resourcing.

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Scalable cloud computing deployment capabilities you can count on


Build the basics out in Google Cloud Platform. Connex has services that can help you move your compute and storage needs into the cloud.


Let our development team help you develop your app or product on the Google Cloud Platform. We can help with versioning, code push activities, and more.


Bring all of your Google apps under one roof with Connex. We can simplify billing and app integrations for your organization.


Connex delivers advanced contact center solutions including Google voice CCAI Mini-apps, for Genesys and other leading contact center platforms. Let our group of developers build your customer service app with real-time voice responses and a robust NLU (Natural Language Understanding) app engine. Take self service to new levels with Connex and Google CCAI.

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