Agile Business Solutions

December 1, 2023

With months of preparation and operational organization, Connex is announcing our latest go to market offering, Agile Business Solutions.  

Our customers are the driving force for this offering, we listened to their request for just in time resourcing for key projects and initiatives. Go to market offerings and deadline driven projects require customers to have access to nimble and effective resourcing, in order to meet their tight project schedules.  

Connex has developed a network of talent partners, resource pools and will offer near shore, off shore and local resourcing for our client base.  

This comprehensive offering allows Connex customers to excel in their project delivery, leverage a talent pool with the right skillsets, and hands off management of these resources allows the focus to be on the delivery, not the administration.  

Learn more about Connex Agile Business Solutions here.  

About Connex: Connex is a leading North American systems integrator with extensive technology partnerships. With a focus on innovation and flexibility, Connex enables organizations to navigate the evolving landscape of technology with confidence.