A Closer Look at Voice Biometrics in the Contact Center

April 20, 2023

Modern contact centers are plagued by the ongoing need to provide faster and better customer experiences without compromising security and most importantly, sensitive data.

Although just the tip of the fraud iceberg, password fraud is a significant daily threat to businesses. Microsoft reported that 921 password attacks occur every second, which is a staggering 74% increase from last year. Many companies are bypassing the threat of password fraud by enabling password extinction through the adoption of passwordless logins and advanced authentication services.

We believe the use of AI technology is key to your business’s continued success. Read on as we focus on one of our favoured CX and Cybersecurity Solutions—Voice Biometrics.


Voice Biometrics eradicates the need for traditional authentication by using advanced AI technology to capture unique voiceprints for each customer. These voiceprints are stored securely in the system, and once the customer speaks into the software, the voiceprint is pulled and used to analyze their live speech at multiple frequencies to assure authenticity.

This eliminates the possibility of fraudsters using security questions and passwords to imitate customers, preventing access to sensitive information ranging from bank details, Social Security Numbers, and commonly used personal information such as birthdates and key contact information.


The balance between security and experience is an important one, and while customers want the highest levels of security for their data, they often do not want the hassle of rigid, lengthy, and repetitive multi-factor authentication options.

Voice Biometrics allows for a frictionless security experience that eliminates the vulnerabilities associated with traditional authentication.

With 67% of customers preferring self-service options over speaking to a live agent, it is important to ensure experiences with your agents are positive and efficient.

Many customers will not remember their password, or the security question answers, and they will not stick around to go through additional authentication. In e-commerce, about one-third of online purchases are abandoned at checkout because consumers cannot remember their passwords.


Improving experiences is not limited to customers only, and investing in your employee experience reduces turnover rates and operational costs—a win/win for all.

While Voice Biometrics works in the background to authenticate your customer’s voiceprint, your agents can focus on the important matters at hand. Having an invisible assistant empowers your agents to do their best work by reducing Average Handle Time up to 25-45 seconds while removing common pain points that usually result in frustrations on both agent and customer sides.


Unfortunately, AI is not only used for the betterment of business security as there is a small percentage of fraudsters who utilize this technology to access your sensitive data. CyberSource claims that ChatGPT and Open AI can be used for AI voice generation and voice cloning – affording the ability to present as customers, employees, or other trusted individuals.

Luckily, with Voice Biometrics this is not a concern as according to Nuance, “Deep fakes aren’t a problem, and neither is the spike in digital fraud if your voice biometrics solution is constantly evolving to detect these threats and keep you one step ahead”. The continual evolution of fraud can be offset by technological advancements and most importantly, technology with the flexibility and scalability to self-evolve with changing landscapes without the need for costly and time-consuming updates and upgrades.

Voice Biometrics stands out as the all-in-one CX- and Security-boosting tool. The technology aligns with current innovations in security by evolving past the need for lengthy or complicated passwords and insecure data storage methods, while streamlining the customer journey and protecting your brand reputation.

We have extensive partnerships with industry-leading voice technology providers which allow us to customize, implement, and provide ongoing Managed Care for your solution. Upgrade your contact center with Connex today.