Speech Analytics Success Series Part Two: Ownership

February 9, 2021

Last week I talked about the first ingredient for a successful Speech Analytics program – Governance. This week I am going to talk about the next ingredient – Ownership. While ownership of the program is a part of governance it entails certain responsibilities. Ownership should belong to the Sponsor and they should have a broad enough scope to hold people accountable for change. Owners must be hands on. They need to be prepared to evangelize the program. As a cheerleader they need to show passion and enthusiasm about the program and its disciplines. Ownership also entails championing the disciplines of the Speech Analyst and their value in providing insight not data reporting. They cannot be seen to be cutting corners. Ownership means asking both the naïve and the tough questions.

When everyone owns it, no one owns it. With focused ownership you are on your way to a successful Speech Analytics program. Next week I am going to talk about focus.